Pain and muscle stiffness reliever
Distem is an association of an analgesic and an antipyretic (to reduce pain and fever) and a muscle relaxant. It is used as treatment for painful muscle spasms.
POSTBIOTIC REVOLUTION – For good gut health
Dibuzin tablets is a new dietary product - intended for the nutrition of people with functional disorders of the digestive tract (IBS - irritable bowel syndrome) and inflammatory bowel diseases.
Women's Health
Commitment to women’s health is our imperative. We unreservedly help the fairer sex to maintain its well-being.
Mental Health
Free your mind and body and achieve complete balance. The components from Sentis® capsules and the enriched Sentis® + formulation will allow you to do that.
Immunity and Allergies
The immune system is our defense shield against diseases. It is composed of very complex and layered protection, which provides protection from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, from their chemical substances such as toxins, then from their own altered and worn-out cells.
Бионика Фармацеутикалс

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